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Are you feeling stressed, tight, stiff, tense, tired, or achy? You don't have to, there is nothing wrong at all with a little self time, some pampering, and a whole lot of relaxation. At Ambrosian Touch our massage therapist works a little miracle each time you visit and works towards . . . "Creating A New You!" The soft soothing ambient music drifting across scented air, your skin being caressed by Ambrosian Touch, letting all your worries go as relaxation takes over. Our massage therapist works magic into each and every joint and every tight muscle until your body yields itself to bliss. Our massage therapist has been de-stressing clients for almost 5yrs and we would like you to join our stress free zone and find haven on a regular basis whenever the storms of daily pressure begin to build. Come on in and experience the magic delivered through the hands of our massage therapist. Call Ambrosian Touch in Bradenton, FL at 941-757-xxxx to schedule your 1st date with inner peace and a fully relaxed body.Call for info at twenty for more details today.Listing originally posted at http